A laboratory

A laboratory for financial economics, Alef produces solutions to the financial problems of public and private firms, banks and insurance companies.

The origins

Alef was started in 1991, with a course given in Pisa, at the Scuola Normale Superiore, in the framework of a high level educational project.

The project

Alef's project is based on research experience, IT software production, university courses teaching and consultancy activities of its members, both in the domestic and international environment. Alef's project helps companies comply with regulatory requirements, introducing mathematics and probability calculus in financial managerial control systems.

The working framework

Alef provides consultancy and produces dedicated solutions for

Alef certifies

Alef produces data - estimating the parameters of market models - which feed the internal control models, the valuation procedures and the procedures for the control of financial risks.

The working style

The working style is a mix of theory, tailored IT solutions (routines, computations systems) and educational activities, with the goal of realizing the firm's standards as part of the culture and everyday operational practice of the firm.

Alef team

Alef is organized in a modular basis.


IT Solutions

Alef produces and implements solutions (systems) composed of algorithms, computing libraries and databases. Past realizations include systems for


Alef has acted as a consultant for Alleanza Assicurazioni, ANIA, Banca del Piemonte, Banca di Roma, Cassa depositi e prestiti, Cisalpina Previdenza, Fondiaria Assicurazioni, Generali Asset Management, Gruppo Zurigo, Ibm-Semea, IMI, INA, INASgr, Isveimer, Itainvest, Mefop, Omnitel, Reale Mutua, RomaVita, SaceBT, SAI, Sviluppo Finanziaria, Towers-Perrin Tillinghast.

Since 1992 Alef has been a partner of the "Centro di Finanza Matematica" of the "Amici della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa" Association.
In 1993 and in 1994 has been a partner of Ibm Semea in developing dedicated IT solutions for banking.


Alef has


As a partner of the "Amici della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa" Association has developed the software procedures for a series of courses:

In 1999 Alef has produced an IT educational system named "Fare finanza, l'artigianato delle tecnologie", organized on a modular basis and aimed to transfer the financial and actuarial principles to banks financial firms and insurance companies. The modules present the theory, the implementation of the computational schemes and examples of applications to the market, the financial management and to the corporate governance.

During 2002, Alef IT educational technology has been used in "A Course on Finance of Insurance", sponsored by the Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Europeen and organized by the Italian Institute of Actuaries.


Alef is the proprietor of the IT software solutions

of the routine-library LibAlef®, of the data system DatAlef® and of the It educational system FareFinanza®.

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